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The Sailng Vessel Bad Captain at anchor off Boot Key

November 12, 2021 - Marathon, FL

Having arrived in the Florida Keys on November 4, we've spent the better part of the past week recovering, as well as working on an assortment of projects designed to maintain the S/V Bad Captain in bristol condition. 

Why the term "bristol?"  

Bristol is a phrase meaning in good condition and seamanlike. The expression comes from a time when Bristol was a major west coast port of Britain, and the ships from that port had a reputation of being well maintained and in good order.

Having arrived in Stock Island following the passage from Panama City Beach, FL, we spent the first five nights at the Stock Island Yacht Club.  Most of those working in Key West reside in Stock Island, providing a more authentic "Key West Lifestyle" experience.  

Because of a Power Boat Race, we decided to move up to the central Keys and Marathon, FL.  Here we were fortunate to have visitors; CMDR John G. Need and his lovely wife Catherine came down from Cincinnati, OH, to spend a few days taking in all this area has to offer.

We took an afternoon to service and test our watermaker, an essential system for extended cruising and island hopping in the Caribbean.  Setting aside the fact that water is a critical element of life, potable drinking water in the Caribbean can be hard to come by and very expensive.  Fortunately, after an afternoon of tinkering, the water tanks were full and our Spectra Catalina 300 MKII was fully serviced and operable.  We will split our remaining time in the Florida Keys, bouncing back and forth between Stock Island and Marathon.

So, why all this time in the Florida Keys?

The first leg of this adventure, from Pass Christian, MS to the Florida Keys, was our first opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the boat and its array of complex systems and test ourselves mentally and physically while acquiring new skills.  This extended period of downtime was built into the schedule to allow for any repairs, etc., that may have been identified while transiting south. 

Capt. Tuennerman, CMDR Need and "Hollywood"